The Independent endorses Brittni Kiick for the Livermore City Council’s District 3 seat. Kiick’s stance on creating equity within the community and cultivating a stronger sense of inclusion are in line with our newspaper’s values. Her involvement in the city showcases her ability to tackle an issue head-on, while initiating community-led conversation. Kiick’s work with the Homeless Subcommittee, along with her call to conversation and action around policing, would be welcomed additions to the city council.

We appreciate her stance on providing affordable housing. We also support her view on protecting the urban growth boundary, while working to address the housing crisis. In order to offer more homes and create more affordability in the Bay Area, options within the city limits must be created. We believe that she will serve her constituents well with an open-minded approach on where to create them.

Her opponent, Pete Patterson, offered a number of good perspectives. He opposes the utility scale solar project that, if pushed through, could have a significant negative impact on the agriculture and wildlife in that region. He showed a passion for Livermore’s heritage and preserving its historic elements while heading into the future. And he promotes slow and sustainable growth.

However, we see Kiick backing her views with action in the community. She wrote the STAGES pledge to ensure safety business practices during the pandemic. She worked as a liaison between officers and youth involved in protest marches. She even worked with local churches on projects like the Safe Parking Lot and Goodness Village. We believe she is the right choice to bring more equity and inclusion to Livermore.