Chris Carter has been selected as the new executive director of the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center, starting in February. He is a fine choice -- eminently well qualified, having worked for the past five years as LVPAC’s director of development and communications. During that time, Chris oversaw a 60 percent increase in annual donations, a doubling of membership and the recent gala, Brilliance at the Bankhead, which raised $500,000.

Chris will be replacing the creative Scott Kenison, whose initiatives raised LVPAC programs to today’s high level of success. Scott’s efforts are reflected not only in the impressive attendance figures at the Bankhead Theater – nearly 70,000 per year now – but also in the dance, theater and arts programs that he helped establish for children. The arts have been called a bridge between communities and cultures. The bridges Scott Kenison has built will serve this community long after he departs.