There has been an effort to undermine news media by portraying any news that is at odds with a particular point of view as "fake news." Newspapers are even depicted as "enemies of the people."

Rather, newspapers provide a service to readers that help them to become informed citizens and more engaged in their communities.

They do so by publishing stories on a variety of topics, ranging from what is happening at local art and entertainment venues to community events, sports activities and features. They report the news involving actions taken by local governments and districts.

A newspaper also provides a forum for members of the public to express their opinions. For instance, The Independent’s Mailbox gives people a voice.

Our locally owned and edited paper offers its viewpoint in editorials. Over 54 years, The Independent has written editorials in support of such issues as an urban growth boundary to create a surrounding greenbelt that preserves our wine country, and housing solutions for those who are less well off.

We believe our efforts have helped to create a better quality of life for residents of the Tri-Valley now and in the future that would not have been possible without a free press.