The values of Esther Goolsby in support of the environment and the disadvantaged are commendable. However, her preparation for the supervisor position is not sufficient.

Nate Miley, District 4 incumbent for 19 years, questions whether it is appropriate for urban voters to limit private property rights in rural areas without just compensation. That reasoning could lead the County to compensate a land owner outside the Urban Growth Boundary millions of dollars if Measure D blocked a proposed development. This concept is totally unacceptable.

Miley does say that among other options, he is open to exploring a transfer of development rights from one land owner to another to meet current Measure D Floor Area Ratio standards so that issues raised by wineries, for instance, can be addressed. That could be a step in the right direction. In the past, Miley has supported a large increase in the Floor Area Ratio throughout the County, and also has broadly defined agriculture to include inappropriate uses. Hopefully, the new District 1 Supervisor and others will keep Miley on the right path as Measure D is reviewed.

Miley supports SB 50 because he believes local control under certain circumstances should be circumvented to benefit the greater good of society.

Miley has accepted donations from property owners affected by Measure D, as well as developers.