The homeless are rarely seen as individuals. Livermore artist E. Trent Thompson aims to change that by giving a face to the local homeless, and at the same time, providing help.

Portraits are created as part of the Pictures for People program. The artwork will be auctioned.

In addition to painting their portraits, Thompson has spent time with the homeless. They told him of the help that they have received from non-profits in the area, and their interest in having them receive the funds from the sale of their portraits. These paintings can be viewed at

The goal of Pictures for People is not only to raise money, but also awareness. The artwork will be displayed on loan from the winning bidders for the month of May and June in the gallery at the Bankhead Theater in Livermore.

Thompson hopes that Pictures for People will involve more artists, as well as future shows and auctions, that will encourage others to become aware, involved and a force for change in the community.

We feel that goal would benefit all.