This newspaper has made no secret of its wish to preserve the 3,100-acre Tesla site east of Livermore in its present unspoiled state, which means not allowing the State Parks Department’s aggressive off-road enthusiasts to develop it for motorcycle and off-road recreation. Thus, we were disappointed to learn that SB 1316 failed to advance and is now dead for this legislative session. SB 1316 would have allowed the Parks Department to sell Tesla to local agencies that would have been far more inclined to protect the natural, historical and cultural treasures of the beautiful site.

State Sen. Steve Glazer is to be commended for sponsoring SB 1316, and we trust he will continue his efforts in the coming year. In the meantime, a

citizens' group is continuing its lawsuit challenging the Parks Department’s off-road development plans. The group, Friends of Tesla Park, serves as a loose umbrella for the many individual organizations that want to protect Tesla and its wildlife from the industrial scale destruction that has already happened at the Carnegie site next door—destruction that includes torn landscape, obnoxious noise and spilled oil, not to mention the constant exhaust emissions and fine metal particles often carried by oil leaks from high-revving motors. We wish Friends of Tesla Park good luck, and we hope readers will contribute to its cause. Learn more about the efforts of Friends of Tesla Park at