The City of Dublin will soon hear community input on the SCS Property land — undeveloped property bounded by Tassajara Road, Interstate 580, Brannigan Street and Gleason Drive.

It should provide more affordable housing.

Dublin has already made progress providing more affordable housing for the area that has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Once considered the fastest growing city in terms of market-rate housing, Dublin has aimed to develop homes for those in the very low-, low- and moderate-income categories.

According to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD), all local governments must submit Annual Progress Reports (APR) by April 1 of each year. The HCD’s APR dashboard now reports the following when it comes to percentages of Regional Housing Need Allocation numbers met:

• Dublin - Very low income 34.8%; Low income 19.5%; Moderate 18.6%; Above moderate 27%

• Pleasanton - Very low income 34.6%; Low income 18.9%; Moderate 19.7%; Above moderate 26.8%

• Livermore - Very low income 30.7%; Low income 17.4%; Moderate 18.2%; Above moderate 33.7%

We hope to see the Tri-Valley continuing in its momentum to provide diverse housing opportunities for its residents.

Dublin residents shouldn’t miss the chance to share their perspectives on the development of the SCS Property. The workshop is set for Aug. 25, at 7 p.m. For participation details, visit