The Independent commends Las Positas College for providing pathways to college for some of the inmates at the Women’s Federal Correctional Institute in Dublin.

The opportunity for these women to gain a higher education could help them succeed in their post-prison lives. For those already behind bars, it’s too late to speculate as to whether or not it could have prevented many of them from heading down the wrong path. But education and the hope of a better life in the future could certainly help to keep them from returning once they’ve served their time.

We appreciate the concept of helping the women “re-tool” skill sets in order to close the opportunity gap. In speaking with local law enforcement, many of them will say it’s education that keeps people out of prison; education keeps people in the workforce, contributing to society. Kudos to the Las Positas College for gaining the grant to make this possible. We hope to see more services of this kind roll out in the future.