We are pleased to endorse Eric Swalwell to be Congressional Representative for District 15 in the coming election. Swalwell, 39, is a four-term incumbent, a centrist Democrat like his political mentor, the late Ellen Tauscher. He embodies political ideals that we support and that are all too lacking in Washington today: integrity, insistence on the rule of law, bipartisanship, transparency. If only more politicians were cut from the same cloth.

Swalwell is a former Alameda Country prosecutor. When first elected to the House in 2013, he hit the ground running, and hasn’t slowed since. He serves on two key committees – Intelligence and Judiciary – and has played central roles in some of the important debates of our time (impeachment and foreign interference in U.S. elections, to name two.) He has become an influential Democratic Party spokesman on national issues without being hyperpartisan. He listens to critics as well as to supporters.

He is willing to work across the aisle toward common national goals. Three years ago, for example, he co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to help police departments acquire rapid DNA testing technology. More recently, just last month, he joined New York Republican Elise Stefanik in introducing a bill to modernize online job searches.

Swalwell has worked to reduce gun violence, relieve traffic congestion and find solutions to student debt burden. He represents his district’s science and defense interests thoughtfully and effectively. He has stayed in close touch with his constituents, both in person and communicating from a distance.

Swalwell threw his hat in the ring for a brief Presidential run, but wisely withdrew when his national polling numbers did not rise to a promising level. It’s too early to predict where his career might go – how high it might rise – but for now, Eric Swalwell has earned the right to be reelected Congressional Representative for District 15.