In the race for the 15th congressional district, Rep. Eric Swalwall runs against Allison Hayden in this year’s general election. The Independent stands behind its previous primary election endorsement of Swalwell. He embodies political ideals that we support: integrity, insistence on the rule of law, bipartisanship and transparency. Swalwell has worked to reduce gun violence, relieve traffic congestion and find solutions to the student debt burden. He represents his district’s science and defense interests thoughtfully and effectively. He has stayed in close touch with his constituents, both in person and communicating from a distance. During the pandemic, Swalwell has advocated for a congressional stimulus package to citizens who need relief. We stand behind Swalwell’s support for reforming the immigration system, providing a roadmap to legalized status and citizenship, and funding the USPS.

Sen. Steve Glazer remains the choice for The Independent in this year’s general election. We've watched with appreciation his three-year effort to protect Tesla Park from off-road vehicles, which would destroy wildlife and historical and Native American cultural sites. He also played a significant role in organizing support for the state’s allocation of $20 million to help purchase the N3 Ranch in order to provide wildlife and passive recreation in our backyard. He helped secure funding to expand Los Vaqueros Reservoir in order to increase water storage capacity. Glazer further recognized the damage the proposed tunnels projects would inflict on the Delta and its environmental sustainability. In addition, Glazer supports financial assistance for Valley Link. He is an advocate for education, wildfire prevention, affordable housing and local control. As the main author, he led the adoption of the assault weapons ban, solar power bill, and truth in lending legislation.

We are pleased to announce our endorsement of Rebecca Bauer-Kahan for the 16th Assembly District. Bauer has displayed an advocacy for Tesla Park conservation (AB 1086), small businesses, gun safety and public school district funding, while also tackling tough issues, such as hardening defenses against wildfires and advancing social and racial injustices. We further support her position to bring funding to Valley Link, and her stance on local control in the planning of our communities and greater access to health care, she’s tackled various issues, including those pertaining to the environment. She worked to decrease illegal dumping and aided farmers with grants to convert to micro-irrigation systems, which reduces water consumption.

We need Swalwell, Glazer and Bauer-Kahan to continue to fight for local and statewide causes that serve the Tri-Valley and beyond.