With the closure of its Livermore facility LifeStyleRx gym, Stanford Health Care - ValleyCare (SHC - VC) will now explore new clinical service options for the 80,000-square-foot space.

Leaders say the move is in line with the hospital organization’s long-term vision for serving the community. In addition, the fitness center — poised to compete against others in the region — was not economically viable. During the pandemic, it had become a PPE storage site, along with a COVID-19 testing center, and even a day care for employees. As the children head back to school and needs relating to COVID-19 change, it makes sense to re-evaluate the use of the facility.

The rapidly approaching April 10 closure date will come as a disappointment for those who once used the health club. The 30-day notice to employees who must now look for work must have been a harsh reality following a year of COVID-19 shutdowns. That will be the hardest blow, and we hope SHC - VC aids in making the transition to new jobs seamless for them.

This decision will have its impact, but the services that the region will now gain in terms of possible orthopedic, spine and gastrointestinal care will be significant. With new clinical service capacity located directly in Livermore, the city will continue to build on its unique legacy of health care.