As California and the Tri-Valley continue to try to “flatten the curve” on the spread of Coronavirus by staying at home, local businesses who may themselves be struggling from the economic fallout are finding ways to support their neighbors.

Almost all grocery stores now have early shopping hours for seniors so that contact with large numbers of shoppers can be limited. The hours are listed on their web sites. Trader Joe’s stores have gone even further with spacing of six feet between customers marked at checkout areas, employee monitors around the stores asking customers to keep their distance from one another and cleaning all carts before reentry into the cart pickup areas.

Locally, over 60% of restaurants now have call-in and pickup food capabilities via the internet or phone, some offering deliveries. Their names can be found at and on each restaurant and takeout-fast food site. Also, you can check the list of open businesses on page 3 of The Independent this week.

Local wineries are accepting phone orders offering curbside pick-ups and deliveries. Some of the wineries are providing discounts so they can keep paying their staffs. Occasio’s owner, John Kinney, has developed a high proof alcohol-aloe vera hand sanitizer that is given to those purchasing wine.

Home and business maintenance is still continuing with plumbers, electricians, heating and air conditioning providers, and others attending to the needs that unexpectedly occur. Cable providers are making sure Wi-Fi connections are working well, to accommodate a workforce where great numbers of people are now working from home. Also, banks and post offices are open for business, while monitoring the distance between those needing their services.

Kudos to all for being aware of the gravity of this situation, and helping to keep our communities safe.