For the Livermore City Council, The Independent recommends a vote for only Brent Siler on November 6. We believe he will listen and consider issues presented by all sides, rather than reject ideas based on the source. When speaking during the public forum at council meetings, he has exhibited a willingness to question the council and city staff regarding decisions. This is true of the downtown, where he believes the 4-story Eastside Hotel is too tall, and will overshadow Blacksmith Square across Livermore Avenue. He also thinks more convenient parking is needed. He is the only candidate to advocate for a better plan.

As a successful businessman, he brings a strong financial background. He cares about all disadvantaged, including the homeless - both human and animal. He organized an animal rescue group that has placed over 10,000 dogs and a few cats in homes.

Incumbent Bob Woerner seeks his final term as a councilmember. Woerner has used his council seat to charge those who disagree with his decisions as stating incorrect facts and creating fake news. He often attacks the messenger, without addressing the issues raised in their message. He has done well working to reduce the pension deficit and in developing an asset management plan to handle the city’s maintenance backlog.

The other candidates are planning commissioner Neal Pann and Trish Munro. Both have expressed support for the city’s approved downtown plan, despite issues raised by members of the community regarding adequacy of parking, location and height of the hotel, traffic congestion and the need for a larger park, rather than a mass of housing that dominates the site.

All of the candidates have expressed support for Stockmen’s Park.

We believe that Siler is the only one who will listen to all points of view, and make a decision that reflects the interests of the broad community.

We recommend voting only for Brent Siler this November.