The Independent endorses Mike Wallace for District 5 BART director.

Wallace’s campaign runs on three central components: safety, cleanliness and affordability — all central to keeping riders moving in the greater Bay Area. As residents in a commuter-heavy region of the state, we deserve to feel our tax dollars are being spent wisely with our safety at the forefront.

Wallace’s experience with the Zone 7 Water Agency in Livermore, the Alameda County Employees Retirement Association in Oakland, and Alameda County Management Employees Association, along with 13 years of serving on the Alameda County Human Relations Commission, give him a well-rounded background and skill set needed to step into the role with fresh eyes.

We need new, strong leadership in this role as BART drives into the future. Vote in favor of Mike Wallace for District 5 BART this November.

Yes on County Measures

The Independent weighed the concerns of raising or continuing taxes during the pandemic, but we see the value of each of the measures on Tri-Valley ballots — Measures V, W and X. Measure V is a continuation of a tax, not an increase; it will provide vital services in unincorporated county areas. Measure W will also fund essential services; the revenue is needed to help our vulnerable populations, especially during the pandemic. And after the state fell victim to historic wildfires this year, we recognized the need to secure and maintain adequate firefighting resources through a yes vote on Measure X.