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Livermore and Pleasanton will host two of Stanford Blood Center’s (SBC) mobile blood donation clinics in part of the effort to recruit more donors.

The Pleasanton mobile clinic will be set up Tuesday, Feb. 23, at Row House Pleasanton, 3903A Santa Rita Road. To schedule an appointment, email Anishka Peiris at anishka.peiris@therowhouse.com or call 510-676-5895.

The Livermore mobile clinic will be set up Friday, Feb. 26, at the basketball court located at 1119 E. Stanley Blvd. To make an appointment, email Angela Grisar at agrisar@stanfordhealthcare.org or call 925-454-6329.

Severe winter weather conditions in Texas and elsewhere around the country have dramatically impacted the nation’s blood supply.

As a result, SBC is stepping up to help those Bay Area hospitals that rely on this national supply and are unable to get the blood they urgently need to support patients. SBC is currently facing a critical need for all blood types, especially type O+ blood products.

“While SBC continues to collect blood for the primary hospitals we serve, we are doing our part to provide for additional hospitals that are being impacted by this national shortage. Though we’re committed to helping as many local patients as possible, our ability to do so is dependent on support from our donors,” said Renee Gipson, Donor Service Director at Stanford Blood Center. “We want to remind everyone that blood donation remains an essential activity, and we want to reassure you that the safety of our donors is a top priority, and we have measures in place to ensure blood donation continues to be a safe process for everyone onsite. Your donation is an easy but powerful way to lend a hand to those struggling during this difficult time.”

Over the past few weeks, blood usage at our partner hospitals has been higher than usual, and SBC has been supporting a number of patients who required large amounts of blood products. “

Last week, over 400 patients, including 75 children, required nearly 900 units (pints) of blood products, 450 of which were O+ red blood cells,” said Dr. Suchi Pandey, Chief Medical Officer at Stanford Blood Center. “O+ is the most frequently needed blood type for patients and, as of today, we only have about a two-day supply. Our current collections of O+ cannot sustain our support of our regular hospital partners as well as additional hospitals in critical need right now, so we need your help in the coming days.”

Appointments can be scheduled online at stanfordbloodcenter.org or by calling 888-723-7831 for same-day appointments.

Donors should be in good health with no cold, flu, or COVID-19 symptoms. They should eat well prior to donation, drink fluids, and present a photo ID at the time of donation. Eligibility information can be found at stanfordbloodcenter.org/eligibility or by calling 888-723-7831.

To find a donation center or mobile clinic near you, visit https://sbcdonor.org/donor/schedules/zip.