SHC LifeStyleRx will host a community blood drive with Stanford Blood Center, Friday, Dec. 18, from 1 to 5 p.m. The drive will take place on the basketball court.

Please note that walk-in availability may be limited, so donors are encouraged to make an appointment by visiting or by calling 888-723-7831. Donors will be required to wear a mask.

“Our partner hospitals are in the process of rescheduling elective surgeries that had previously been postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to help meet patients’ increasing need for blood products at this time, we are working within social distancing guidelines to schedule new mobile blood drives,” said Eliza Manzanares, Stanford Blood Center account manager. "It’s the blood that we have readily available that allows us to save a life at a moment’s notice, so we’re urging the local community to please consider donating at the SHC LifeStyleRx blood drive. All it takes is about an hour of your time, and you can help save the lives of up to three patients with a single donation.”

Stanford Blood Center stated in a press release that it understands people’s concerns as Bay Area counties move into more restrictive tiers and new stay-at-home orders are being implemented.

“But we want to reassure the public that the safety of our donors is a top priority, and we have measures in place to ensure blood donation continues to be a safe process for everyone on-site,” continued the release. “Blood donation remains an essential activity.”

In preparation for their donation, donors are advised to eat well, stay hydrated and arrive with their donor ID. First-time donors or returning donors without a donor ID card should bring a valid state-issued photo identification. Donors with all blood types are always welcomed and appreciated, but there’s always a special need for type O blood. O negative donors are universal donors, (meaning anyone can receive O negative blood no matter their type,) and O negative is often used for trauma and pediatric patients.