The next case management conference in the lawsuit aimed at returning Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory retirees to University of California healthcare programs has been scheduled for May 28.

Whether the conference will lead to a trial date in the long-running legal action was not clear at the time the Independent went to press. A trial date of May 6 was scheduled, but then postponed because of other court business. The May 6 date was itself a postponement of a February trial date.

UC healthcare benefits were available to LLNL retirees from 1961, when the University’s Board of Regents authorized them for both employees and retirees, until 2008, shortly after a for-profit consortium took over as manager.

The retirees considered the loss of UC healthcare to be a violation of promises made during their careers at the Laboratory -- promises on which some of them based career decisions. In 2010, they filed a lawsuit which became a class action four years later.