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Officers Matt Ishmael and Dave Martin, 2019 Community Service Award recipients.

The 2019 Livermore Rotary Rodeo Parade Community Service Award recipients are Officers Dave Martin and Matt Ishmael, members of Livermore’s Homeless Liaison and Policing team.

Officer Dave Martin started with the Livermore Police Department in May of 1999. He has worked patrol and also serves as a team member for the East County Tactical Team.

Officer Matt Ishmael started with the Livermore Police Department in April of 2010. He has worked on patrol and been an integral part of the department’s Force Option Team.

In January 2018, Officer Ishmael became the sole full time officer in the Livermore Police Department’s new Homeless Liaison and Policing (HLP) Team with Officer Martin working in a supplemental position. In July 2018, Officer Martin joined the unit.

They worked with partners and stakeholders from the City of Livermore Housing and Human Services, the City of Livermore Public Works, federally- funded HUD housing units such as ABODE, local Tri-Valley services such as CityServe, hazardous waste cleanup companies, local faith-based organizations, and the homeless citizens of Livermore to develop the team into a unit that specifically serves the needs of Livermore.

In order to gain a better perspective of other homeless-focused policing teams, Officers Ishmael and Martin identified six other agencies within California: El Dorado, Manteca, Petaluma, Santa Monica, Riverside, and San Diego. They were able to analyze what was working for these agencies and what could be modified to work in Livermore.

They also identified alternate means of transportation for their unit to proactively seek out homeless encampments in more difficult to access areas. This resulted in the implementation of LPD’s first patrol-ready electric mountain bicycles and the design of a patrol-ready Ford F-150 for suspect contact and property transportation.

As they continued their proactive work and maintained their daily workload, Officers Ishmael and Martin regularly attended meetings with various local organizations such as the Livermore Rotary Club, LARPD, Citizen’s Police Academy, Livermore Realtor’s Group, property owners, and members of the City Council. They also took officials on an educational “ride-along,” including the Livermore City Manager, Deputy City Manager, two City Councilmembers, an Officer and Sergeant from Pleasanton PD, and a probation officer, so that they too could understand and learn from Officers Ishmael and Martin.