Donna Cabanne, Livermore 

Ask the Valley Link Rail Authority Board to postpone certification of the final EIR. 

The staff will present its preferred alternative project at a Zoom hearing on May 12, starting at 2 pm. The authority staff will also be asking the board to certify the final EIR  only released April 30. Unfortunately, the final EIR is too vague and lacking critical data. This new project alternative contains many elements not presented in the draft EIR, including the removal of the Greenville Station in Livermore, replacing the Mountain House Stationand several major rail-line changes. 

Furthermore, the final EIR fails to adequately explain how the project will fund the $1.2 billion price tag for the extension from Pleasanton to Isabel. So far, only 700 million has been allocated, including the 400 million transferred from Livermore BART to the authority.  The financial data does not add up! 

Besides incomplete financial accountability, the final EIR fails to provide adequate noise, air quality, biological, agriculture, hydrology, and cumulative mitigations. Many endangered species are at risk. The final EIR does not answer concerns raised by outside agencies and the public.    

Given the fact that three counties and over 30 agencies are involved, the public and the board need more time to review new changes … 10 days is not enough. Please email or call the following board members and ask for a 45-day minimum comment period to evaluate the new preferred project. 

Contact Supervisor Haubert, Livermore Mayor Bob Woerner, Livermore Councilmember Kiick, Chairs Veronica Vargas and Tracy Mayor, Vice-Chair Melissa HernandezDublin mayor, San Ramon Mayor Hudson, Danville Mayor Karen Stepper, and Bernice Tingle of Mountain House Community Services. This may be our last chance to request concrete data and details missing from the final EIR. 

Certification of the final EIR is not appropriate without further concrete information.