Jorge Barrantes, Livermore

With the subject of water preservation, we have achieved 7% water conservation in the Tri-Valley according to the estimates from the Water Board.

Consider that in comparison to the Santa Clara Valley, which has a 0% water conservation, according to the latest reports. Many thanks to all the contributors of the conservation effort.

Truly, this is an amazing achievement just to think how conserving makes a big difference.   

So, in this respect I want to add another game to the “Water Games.” If we could make a mark in our bathroom tubs when we shower, we can figure when to stop.

I can see how we could measure how much we could conserve by making a mark with black tape close to the drain plug and then we could train ourselves not to exceed the mark.   

So, let's start with a generous five inches maximum allocation for every shower. If that is not enough to complete our needs then add more inches until we reach our shower completion.   

Showering after a hard day of work is very satisfying, and we all recognize that it is a good thing to have a cold shower.   

If this is a good addition to the “Water Games” let's see if our percentage of water conservation will give us a thumbs up to higher conservation.

Happy Trails!