Margo and Spencer Platt, Livermore

We are writing in support of Mayor Bob Woerner, our current city council, and the Downtown Plan, specifically regarding the housing element of the plan. Opponents of the plan say their voices have not been heard, but the voters have approved the current plan at least twice and have elected council members who support it. There is now a great deal of talk about what Livermore wants. But what does Livermore need? We believe we need affordable housing far more than we need another small park. This is a much higher priority for us. The resistance to the housing element, as currently embodied in the Move Eden Housing group, has already cost the City of Livermore significant money and created years-long delays. Too many people who work in our city cannot afford to buy a house here. Enough. We need affordable housing now, not somewhere else at some other vague time in the future. Please, no more delays.