We are disturbed by recent social media attacks on the Central Park Committee, in which committee members are vilified as devious, selfish liars whose goal is “a big dirt patch in the middle of downtown.” To call these attacks misleading is being too kind.

Many of us know these committee members as longtime, respectable Livermore residents who love our city and are exercising their democratic right to pursue their vision. We assume the “big dirt patch” being referred to is the central park, although that’s unclear in the smear campaign.

If we hadn’t already signed the referendum because we prefer the Central Park Plan, we might be tempted to do so now to protest the personal attacks by opponents of the plan and the disrespect shown to its members by the City Council in recent meetings.

Perhaps those who object to “privileged old white people deciding what’s best for the city” are under the misconception that the City Council, backers of the current plan, consists of impoverished millennials of color.

We’re all in this together. Can’t we at least be civil?