Russ Greenlaw, Livermore

I am not surprised at the opposition to a proposed solar farm on the outskirts of Livermore, out-of-sight north of the freeway.

Nimbyism is a well-known affliction among environmentalists.

"We need to be all-solar-and-wind-powered," they say until such is proposed for any specific location. Other renewables are disfavored - nuclear (obviously), and geothermal needs recharge water and makes earthquakes. Hydro, the most beneficial source - providing both electricity and water - was declared ‘not a renewable.’ Pump-storage hydro as a storage battery for wind and solar power makes sense, but it will certainly be opposed by the self-styled greenies. Might scare the fish, dontchaknow.

All know wind is unreliable, but few realize that solar power is available less than half the time - even a thin overcast reduces solar harvest greatly, and a solid overcast reduces wattage to less than 10% of normal, a personally observed value from an off-grid installation.

Worse, many solar panels are aimed badly:  some on the north side of a roof, some facing east and others west, such as west-facing at several Livermore schools (even if a parking lot runs north-south,

the panels could have been cleverly aimed south in chevron fashion to catch multiples the annual yield of west-facing panels).

So, with the solar available less than half the time and generally mal-aimed, and wind unreliable, why are the greenies opposing a solar farm that would be well aimed, exceptionally productive, and out of sight for all but a few persons each day? Because they can, of course. Stopping projects is an end unto itself.

An unfortunate joke is the very stupid effort by some towns to end natural gas for cooking and heating. Tell the so-called planners in those burgs that natural gas has the least carbon of all naturally occurring fuels and electric heat uses much more energy than using gas directly. Favored 'renewables' aren't and never will be in sufficient quantity, the shortage gets made up by gas and coal. California lacks sufficient electricity for summer now; worsening if electricity replaces clean, low carbon fuels. How are you going to charge your Tesla when the lights go out?

The carbon footprint of all California being barely measurable, what Livermore does isn't measurable. Why waste effort on a ‘climate action plan?’ Because wasting public money is an end unto itself.