John Lawrence, Livermore

If choosing elected officials were easy, more people would vote, and the results would be awesome. Unfortunately, way too many people find it difficult or just inconvenient to participate. But, remember, we all have to live with the results!

If you do consider candidates’ qualifications, it’s helpful to examine three important qualities. Character is the obvious starting point. Add to that their experience (direct and indirect) and what and with whom they associate and it’s easier to figure out who deserves your support.

Election time is upon us again. Yard signs are springing up like weeds and mailboxes are overflowing with campaign literature. These tools give voters a quick but admittedly biased snapshot of a candidate’s character, experience and associations. If you don’t personally know the candidates, more information is available from newspapers, web sites, radio interviews and very effectively by talking to others.

As a former local government employee, I had the privilege of working with a number of the candidates now competing for elected positions in Livermore. I strongly urge you to consider supporting three individuals. These three are not only well qualified, but are the type of collaborative, thoughtful and considerate people that we need in government. Please vote for Bob Woerner for mayor and for Jan Palajac and Stacey Swanson for seats on the Livermore Area Recreation and Parks District board of directors. Whatever your choices, please check out the candidates and get your ballot in. Remember, if you don’t vote, then you have no right to complain.