Chris O’Brien, Livermore

Your recent article "Roof Top Panels Could Save Acres from Development" reflects exactly what Save North Livermore Valley (SNLV) and many others have been saying for several years. We have expressed over and over again that studies of roof top solar and conflict lands should be analyzed before approving solar projects on sensitive agricultural land. We have continually expressed this to county staff and the board of supervisors and our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. The approval of the Aramis project prior to a detailed study of the above is simply poor planning.

Now SNLV along with other groups and citizens who are constituents of the supervisors and especially Supervisor Haubert find themselves in a lawsuit with their own county for their violation of state zoning law and violation of Measure D. There was zero need for this had the county followed state zoning laws and performed the detailed studies as to where best to place solar and amended their general plan accordingly. Not to mention their violation of voter-approved Measure D. Finally quoting Mr. Gosselin in your article without mentioning that he is a paid consultant to Intersect Power the developer of the Aramis project is misleading as he has a clear conflict of interest.