The Citizens for a Livermore Central Park collected 30% more than the required valid signatures of Livermore voters to qualify a ballot measure so there could be a vote to approve the Central Park Plan instead of the City’s Plan for the Downtown. The Central Park plan has a 3-acre park, including Stockmen’s Park, from the Bankhead Plaza to L Street, a parking structure on the east side of Livermore Avenue, 84 affordable housing units, and a hotel overlooking the park on the west side.

Instead of waiting for the voters to decide, the Council moved forward with their plan by approving a Development Agreement with Presidio to have the hotel on the east side. In order to stop that, a referendum was filed and signatures are being gathered to qualify that referendum.

Now the Council is moving forward with a Development Agreement for the housing in the City Plan. The housing in the Central Park Plan is on the edge of the park. The City’s Housing Development Agreement puts the housing in the middle of the proposed Central Park. These residential units will kill the 3-acre Central Park. Council is going forward with another backdoor attempt to thwart the right of voters to adopt a better plan for the community.

The Council should not approve the Development Agreement for the housing. Wait for the results of the vote and then move ahead with the plan that the voters want.