When my husband and I bought our home here 10 years ago, we knew we were joining a special community – with Livermore’s open hills, budding vineyards and miles of trails – and the harmony that comes from a city that has been historically dedicated to balancing growth with open space. Achieving this is not easy in the Bay Area, where the need for innovation and development are strong.

I’ve been collecting signatures for the Central Park Plan, and have talked to many residents who believe that the Council is not listening to them, and that the Council did not listen to their requests for more open space at the forums that were held about the City’s plan for downtown. They are passionate in their beliefs about open space and that the Council is not respecting their voices. The Downtown Plan needs to balance housing, hotel and green space, allowing for a Central Park. What could be more beautiful than a continuous green belt in downtown?

This open space is not just for us, but for the generations that follow us. We may believe – and the Council may believe – that we own the downtown today, but it also belongs to future generations. We need to make good choices for their future to come.