Thomas Soules, Livermore

I have been out of town for the past few weeks and noticed that some other cities are implementing affordable living by converting hotels and condominium projects into affordable living apartments. However, no one on the Livermore city council seems open to thinking outside the box to save the Lucky’s site downtown and provide perhaps more affordable living arrangements than the city plan. OK. If building north of Railroad is too expensive, what about other locations.? And what about the fact that the Legacy building right across the street that is half built may be available.

I don't know the details but my understanding is that the contractor Katerra has filed for bankruptcy and the building is on hold. It has been on hold for over a month. In spite of assurances by our mayor and Legacy, this is serious. It is costing someone huge amounts of money.

Has anyone thought seriously about buying these half-finished residential units and converting them into affordable living units? This win-win fortuity should be seriously explored. Is anyone on the city council listening to their citizens who do not have a financial interest in keeping the current city plan or does anyone on the council have an open-mind to this sudden opportunity?