I have sympathy for local businesses protesting the county’s continuing shelter-in-place order. This pandemic has turned our lives upside down in a short time, and while everyone has been impacted, the magnitude of the impact certainly has not been shared equally.

But when I saw on a news clip that protesters were not engaging in even minimal compliance (many had no face coverings and were not maintaining 6-foot distancing), I have to ask whether I would put my family’s health and safety at risk if the business is not going to act responsibly.

Even when businesses open up, if they don’t have the public’s confidence that they will take their customers’ health and safety seriously, they are not likely to resume their business as usual. We need to be responsible in how we open up, or else the last two months spent at home will have been squandered, and we’ll be right back to square one. The virus is more patient than we are; we need to be smarter.