Michelle Boss, Livermore

How fortunate are we are to have two solid candidates for mayor of Livermore in this upcoming election. But beware of the haters publishing their opinion, whether or not it has any truth to it. Regardless of who you are voting for in November, I’d like to put in a good word for the character and integrity of candidate Mony Nop, who was smeared in a letter in this paper last week.

The author painted one of the nonprofit organizations Mony has established as a “poor performer” and suggested that should be the sole indication of his qualifications to be mayor. I find it interesting that the other nonprofit Mony established, the Tri-Valley NonProfit Alliance, was never mentioned. What a shame to slam an individual with a long history of integrity and service to the community who is very capable and seeking to serve and uplift in a new capacity. Let’s get to know our candidates, appreciate their willingness to serve, and not further contribute to the false news, rumors and defamation of character already prevalent in politics.