Linda Kelly, Pleasanton

Do the people who wrote letters supporting Karla Brown really believe everything she says? Letters in the Sept. 4 issue contained similar phrases:

“She is the only candidate who vows not to take special interest money from developers/builders;” “promise not to take money from developers;” “has pledged not to take donations from developers;” “is not cozy with special interests;” “the only mayoral candidate that pledges to reject all campaign donations from builders or developers;” “the only candidate who does not accept campaign donations from wealthy builders or developers.”

Were these themed letters merely coincidence or an issue that candidate Brown needs help with? The fact is Councilmember Brown has taken money from special interests, voted in support of them, and in one case, denied receiving the donation.

At the Feb. 18 Pleasanton City Council meeting, Don Kahler, representing Pleasanton Gravel Company and the Jameison Company, spoke against an agenda item regarding possible commercial development in the East Side Plan. In the March 3 meeting on the same topic, Brown voted against the measure. A fellow council member asked about a large donation she had received from that individual. Brown denied receiving the donation. Her vote and denial are on the video of that meeting. The donation is a matter of public record, as is her vote.

One of those six letters quoted above also claims her action “demonstrates integrity.” Maybe the next batch of supporting letters will address integrity.