Judy Fenton, Pleasanton

While I applaud this year’s robust and diverse slate of candidates, Pleasanton voters deserve to be fully informed. Missing from city council candidate Jack Balch’s ballot statement is his affiliation with Balch Enterprises, Inc., his family-owned place of employment. On its website the company identifies itself as “one of the largest developers in the Bay Area.” In his ballot statement, Balch lists himself as a chief financial officer. True. He is CFO of Balch Enterprises.

Perhaps that is not something he would want to promote to a voting populace known for supporting measured growth.

City council candidate and local businessman Randy Brown has also omitted critical information from his ballot statement by failing to mention that he is currently chairman of the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce. Its roster includes several giants in the residential construction industry and a well-funded political action committee that consistently backs pro-growth candidates.

My votes will go to candidates who are not related to builders and developers, refuse to take donations from them, and have consistently voted on behalf of the residents who live in Pleasanton: Karla Brown for mayor of Pleasanton and Valerie Arkin and Nancy Allen for City Council.