Carol Chargin, Livermore

In my naiveté, I believed the plans Livermore City Council put forth for its Downtown Plan included all of the areas described, not just the placement of the hotel. So many of the areas, and I am thinking particularly of the open space areas with walking paths and playground areas, will now be drastically reduced in size if the Eden Housing Development is allowed to proceed as currently proposed. I and many of my friends thought this development was to be an attractive pleasant place to enjoy downtown Livermore. We thought we could enjoy lunch, or buy an ice cream, and stroll the projected walking paths. Now with the proposed increased population density, bigger and taller buildings, that section of Livermore will just be a crowded area. I doubt many children not living in the housing units will enter the playground area to play. And, with the increased numbers of people now projected to be living in the area and with less available parking, other local people may not want to fight the congestion to visit. The shining jewel of the Downtown Plan is losing some of its luster.