The Jan. 27 Livermore City Council meeting was a display of some of the most obvious dissembling from the city yet seen. Around 2:24 in the video of the meeting ( the city put up a map showing what it claimed was the potential size of one of the initiative’s cultural buildings. The mayor observes, “so it actually goes into the area they propose as a hotel.” Sure, if you ignore easily verifiable facts. First, they show it as a single story, and the initiative requires 2-3 stories, so at most it covers half the space shown. And further, the initiative maps where the park is to be (area 2.4.2 in the initiative) meaning it would be impossible to build what they showed. Given that this was during an agenda item for “preparation and dissemination of factual information," you might think someone would have checked the facts, but instead indicates notable desperation. You can verify this for yourself. Go to for the meeting and, search for the initiative. The map is page 23, description page 40, and similar. Join me in voting “NoPe” and standing up for honesty.