Brandon Evans, Livermore

I read with interest this paper’s reporting on the solar debate going on in Livermore. Talk about your classic NIMBYism! With more of us working from home and gearing up for another online academic year, I appreciate the county thinking about ways to safely power the area. 

I thought the Sierra Club was all for clean, renewable energy sources. Apparently, they want solar, but not here. You can’t have it both ways. With an abundance of sunshine, the property where Intersect Power wants to install solar is perfectly suited for these panels, and from what I can tell, they will also take care to protect and make life better for wildlife. 

The solar company has committed to ongoing agricultural use of the site with sheep grazing, planting, and maintaining commercial honeybee forage. Plus, the land directly west of Cayetano Creek would be purchased by the project company and dedicated to the county as a public recreational hiking trail. These sound to me like benefits for everyone in the area, not just a few neighbors worried about the view from the roadside. 

Arguing that the county must first adopt a solar policy is just a ruse to stop it altogether. I encourage the county to stay the course, do the environmental studies, and work with the solar company to make this a great project for Alameda County.