We need a presidential debate on the climate emergency so candidates can showcase their plans to stop the collapse of civilization as we know it and create millions of good jobs.

As a citizen of the world, I support a climate debate because it is past time to treat the climate crisis like the emergency it is. The UN says that we have just 11 years to transform our society to stop climate change and preserve civilization as we know it for our generation.

Climate change is an emergency that impacts every aspect of life. Our overuse of resources and uncontrolled pollution and dependence on dirty fuel is not only affecting the air above us, but is responsible for causing the natural disasters that turn people into refugees, who have lost their homes and then are placed in overcrowded cages, treated less than animals.

The topic of climate change, however, can be used as a uniting fight to bring real equality to all the people marginalized and oppressed in the current system, and therefore MUST be a point of debate.