Does anyone ever actually look at the science and bigger picture? Climate Change - Citizens for Climate Lobby Atmospheric Science coming out of our national labs treats our sun as an invariable. The sun is the main driver of climate change. Our sun is not an invariable.

Minority opinion report: As a member of Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) I continue to do independent climate research. CCL focuses on shortsighted CO2 levels in our atmosphere. CO2 data, reviewed through CCL's political lens for shortened time frame, creates the wrong conclusions, and is leading CCL lockstep in the wrong direction. We must prepare for a rapid onset of an ice age instead. Global warming appears to be a temporary luxury. The current CCL lobby stance position is based on false science. Clean air must regain its original understanding. Clean air is breathable atmospheric gas levels that support human life and lush biologic diversity. Clean air does not require the removal of CO2. CO2 is insignificant in global warming! The earth has cycled through much higher levels of CO2 many times before, providing lush living environments through a beneficial heating cycle tempered by 10,000-year ocean memory, in temperature ranges in which humans and biodiversity thrive. More than being shortsighted in their focus CCL members default in being persuaded in scientific matters only by "consensus opinion politics." We are facing another ice age occurrence that is far more important to prepare for than global warming. Research into the actual long-term scientific data shows Carbon Dividend Tax is based on false science.

What science is there to support the prediction of a rapid onset of another ice age? Look at our sun's plasma field. The significance of David LaPoint's three videos ( when combined with Rolf Witzsche's follow-on reporting (see link below) illustrates a strong scientifically-based hypothesis by Witzsche and well cited each step of the way with long-term, ice-core drillings covering ice samples over many tens of thousands of years. These long-term charts clearly demonstrate climate change is tracking to an ice age, and that ice-age onset can occur in one day (a change that seems to also be supported by still frozen animals with undigested food found emerging from thawing tundra, and additionally supported by ice-core samples showing very rapid changes in atmospheric temperatures).

This rapid-cooling phenomenon occurs when there is insufficient electric current about our sun, to sustain the sun's plasma field. These magnetic plasma fields (“Primer Fields” named by David LaPoint in the above referenced videos) turn on and off instantly, and not over long periods of time. The sun has many different intensities of cycles. The sun is mistakenly considered an invariable in today's politicized, public atmospheric false-science. The sun is not an invariable. (

Unless our Atmospheric Science Department at LLNL, the current politicized wing of the deep state input to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, can be de-politicized, they should be closed down. There is too much they have to account for to the public as a declassified agency, and cannot be trusted, they act to support with bias, deep state interests first and foremost, seeing themselves as neutral, while never daring to speak truth to power; they speak only what serves power.

We should put our resources instead into clean air and clean water science, on an encompassing solar system-wide and galactic-level research, not carbon taxation driven by politicized false atmospheric science. There is far more going on that we need to first understand.