Car Riv-Hen, Pleasanton

I have known Pleasanton mayoral candidate Jerry Pentin for over 15 years. My first impression was that he is rude, obnoxious, and lacked compassion towards people with physical, mental and medical disabilities. Pentin has no professional ethics, speaks unfiltered, and is disrespectful to many of the residents he was elected to represent as a member of the city council. I have never found him to be supportive of physically, mentally, or medically disabled residents or seniors who need low-income housing. My comments are based on my experiences while he was on the city Planning Commission, city council, and the Wheels Bus board of directors.   

On the other hand, I have worked with Council Member Karla Brown for eight years on accessibility projects. I find her to be caring, understanding, and compassionate toward all people. When anyone struggles with issues regarding housing under the Americans with Disabilities Act, she comes to their home and brings a city engineer to help resolve the problem. She also helped prioritize improving ADA and wheelchair access for future apartments in Pleasanton. 

If you are a senior or a disabled person, you should vote Karla Brown for mayor of Pleasanton.