Hayden Sidun, Livermore

I want to be among the first to congratulate Mayor Woerner on his ascension to the highest elected office in Livermore.

Working on his campaign for five months out of this year, I grew close to him and got to know him more as a person. Mayor Woerner is a kind and wonderful human being who truly cares about Livermore and the interests of its residents, and even if you didn't vote for him last month, we can all rest assured that our city remains in good hands.

That said, I also want to thank John Marchand, our now-former mayor, for his dedicated service to this city over these past nine years. His leadership has brought about much-needed change to Livermore, and it is because of what he was able to accomplish that our city is in such a good state today. Like his successor, Mayor Marchand is a wonderful man and the embodiment of "leadership by example". We should all be grateful for his service to Livermore.

I want to congratulate Councilmember Kiick on her ascension to the city council. As our city's first queer and millennial councilmember (at least, she is to the extent of my knowledge), I feel comfortable living in a city where someone like her can make it to the top, and as one of Livermore's thousands of youth residents, I feel that my interests are represented on the city council more than they were in previous years.

I want to congratulate Kristie Wang and Yanira Guzmán on becoming trustees on the LVJUSD Board of Education. As a student in Livermore, it is comforting to me that the two newest additions to the school board are parents of currently enrolled students. Both have impressive track records, too: Wang is a community activist who spearheaded Livermore's anti-vaping initiative with then-Councilmember Woerner, and Guzmán is a teacher herself. Though a solid majority of students they represent were not old enough to vote for them last month—students such as myself—I have nothing but confidence that they will serve us well over the next four years.

In January, the city council will take on the responsibility of appointing a new city councilmember. I urge Mayor Woerner and Councilmembers Kiick, Munro, and Carling to make an apolitical appointment based on nothing except their qualifications for the position.

Lastly, to those at The Independent: do not edit this letter.