Dear Joan Seppala and Minions,

Imagine my surprise when I leave town for one week to be with family and come home to yet another referendum. Additionally, the volumes of reports and videos of lies and harassment being conducted by your paid signature gatherers is staggering. I’m curious, do you think the never-ending barrage of your temper tantrum to get your way is going to succeed?

Perhaps it is time for Livermore to come together and have a little referendum of our own. A special gift. To what extent does the Bankhead receive funding, considerations, below market rents, and have an outstanding note to the City of Livermore? Maybe the harassed citizens should put it to a vote as whether any support at all should be allowed? See, you’ve more or less told me and shown me you’ll go to any lengths, how far do you think you can push the citizens?

You don’t have a plan. It’s a picture, no more no less. Your initiative was basically a zoning change to increase housing density. If passed, every single existing component will have to go out to RFP AGAIN! More delays=More money. You have no hotelier and even if you did, he or she would have to go through the new RFP process. Really, who’s going to want to do business with us after you went after the existing hotelier? You are trying to hide a 30,000 square-foot theater in your “Plan” when the city’s vetted plan calls for 12,000 square feet. The larger park was previously looked at by the finance sub-committee and shown to be fiscally impossible to complete and provide upkeep without special assessments. You haven’t had a meaningful discourse with the Stockmen’s Association. You have not gained support of the local businesses that will be affected by your fantasy. You also have REFUSED to provide a financial breakdown, both short and long term of what your supposed “Plan” will cost. In short, you’ve had your architect engage in not-to-scale fantasy drawings with no meaningful way of implementation. Make no mistake if you get your way, the citizens might just choose to put funding to a referendum. We won’t need paid signature gatherers, we have unity.

Joan Seppala, you are leaving a legacy of division. Your example is one of white, monied privilege seeking to dominate and control the everyday citizens of Livermore. You use your money, you use people, and you use this town as your own personal fiefdom. Stop, just stop!