Last weekend, a concerned resident and I had a productive exchange of ideas about the downtown Livermore development. We agreed on most of the details, including the overwhelming conclusion about the hotel location as determined by the outreach process. Participants clearly wanted the hotel on the west side of Livermore Avenue, not the east side preferred by the developer.

Still, she wasn’t convinced that this conclusion was truly representative of our overall population. Fortunately, that one remaining detail upon which my neighbor and I could not agree will be unambiguously resolved. An initiative has qualified for the ballot, and the outcome will finally prove where the voters stand on the hotel location and whether a larger Central Park is preferable to what the City has planned.

The Council has broad authority to decide when that vote occurs. They can expedite it and end the debate, or delay it and prolong the agony. The sooner we vote, the sooner the controversy will be over.

Let’s move all the projects forward quickly, and put the initiative on the ballot ASAP.