Dublin has a city councilman, Shawn Kumagai, who wants to take your gun rights away and kill the Second Amendment. This council member works for California 16th District Assemblywomen Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, and uses his position with the city to promote her agendas.

At the city council meeting June 9, he brought up an item about getting information about state law and city ordinances regarding gun dealers, concealed weapon permits, open carry of weapons, and citizen’s locking up guns. His boss could get him all this information, but he is a grandstander!

During a call-in for public input during the city council meeting June 16, I told Kumagai that he is out of line to involve the city in state or national issues. All these items are covered by the state and county, the Department of Justice handles gun dealers, and the county sheriff’s department is in charge of who gets concealed weapon permits.

Make no mistake, Kumagai wants all citizens to be unarmed and to rely on guys like him to protect all of us. How did that work out during the latest riots? Why is the 16th District assemblywomen Rebecca using a city council member who works for her to push her agenda? Is it because she does not want the voters to know she is anti-gun?

The Tri-Valley better wake up before we are the next Australia and city councils pass laws outlawing guns in your town. Kumagai and the other council members take an oath to support the Constitution. But this looks like he and his boss want to take guns away!