The Tri-Cities asked Alameda County to open up businesses faster, but to no avail.

Using science and data, the Tri-Cities should have opened up many weeks ago, but were tied to the no-action Alameda County Health Officer Dr. Ericka Pan. Her explanation that allowing cities to open at their own pace would cause cross contamination does not cut it. Counties are opening up at their own pace, even though we do not have hard borders between counties and people travel freely throughout the Bay Area.

Pan fumbled again by choosing which outdoor activities to open without any reason. Outdoor fitness? Since when did Alameda County become Venice Beach where bodybuilders train outside?

It is unlawful under Equal Protection of the Law to allow outdoor dining and fitness and not allow indoor dining and gyms/health clubs. Yes, you can go to the Farmers Market with no social distancing, Costco, Walmart, grocery stores, liquor stores, etc., but you cannot get a haircut in a clean, sanitized environment, nor can you eat in a clean restaurant with seating six feet apart. Who comes up with such ridiculous rules?

It is easy to close businesses, but a single doctor, who is not impacted and has no business or economics knowledge, dictates when to open businesses?

Not a single state worker or county employee, including the county supervisors, has been laid off. They do not have any understanding of the mom-and-pop stores and restaurants, gyms/health clubs, etc., that have gone out of business and millions of workers who have lost their jobs.

If we leave this up to Dr. Pan, it will be months before she takes any decisive actions to open the economy. Right now, it all seems political and they want to close businesses to show a bleak economy. California is a democracy and not a dictatorship. We cannot allow a doctor without any reason to keep businesses closed. There will be no businesses to open at this rate.

The Tri-Cities have to act now. Contra Costa is opening quicker. Vallejo decided to open all businesses many weeks ago.

The Tri-Cities should declare themselves COVID-19 sanctuary cities and take science, data, health and safety in their own hands, open businesses, and other activities, toe to toe with California state openings, rather than go along with Alameda County inaction. This has to happen now and not later.