Owen Brovont, Livermore

This essay is a response to the government’s coercive support of Critical Race Theory (CRT).  It is currently being used to club American society into insensibility and chaos, leading to its collapse so it can be reconstructed using a socialist model. 

The proponents of CRT are attempting to permeate American society with distorted perspectives of American and Western culture.  A key to understanding the proposed social theory is to compare its claims against the reality of current American society.  No society functions completely free of mistakes and occasional conflicts.  Because societies are made up of individuals, and individuals typically define their reality through their own values, experiences, and perceptions, that process is critical and is easily illustrated by recalling that different people like different colors, different pets, different cars, different hobbies, different foods – some like eggs sunny side up and others over easy or scrambled.  Some people prefer blonde hair, others prefer brunettes; some like blue eyes and others find brown eyes preferable.  There are people who like mountains, others the ocean; some like cities, and others prefer the rural countryside.  There are people who feel they must live in a spacious home on a large lot while others are quite content with the freedom provided by not being tied down by a mortgage and so prefer renting an apartment in town.  The point is that people prefer different things, and their differences do not make them enemies.  Most people are comfortable recognizing that people like different things and as long as those differences do not intrude on their lives in a negative way, few expectations of problems arise.

Problems, however, do begin to occur when some typically arrogant academicians insist that reality should be molded to conform to a theory that defines what they think reality should consist of – unsurprisingly it is often their “vision.”  Forcing society to conform to a specific vision that is not a product of society’s natural evolution is oppression.  CRT is a concerted attempt to force society to conform to a manufactured vision of how society should be structured, organized, and how its members must behave – it is a clear case of oppression when the government is an agent.  To achieve its goals, CRT seeks to sever society’s connection with its moral standards, behavioral norms, and spiritual beliefs primarily by asserting that white America is and always has been a racist society.