Over 7,000 signatures were validated for the Livermore Central Park Plan Initiative, guaranteeing your right to vote on the downtown plan. Unfortunately, the city council circumvented your right to vote on this issue by entering into a development agreement which puts the hotel on the east side. This move derails the impact of your vote. Because of the council's misguided action, we must now file another referendum. Why did the city council vote to shortchange your vote? What is the city council afraid of? Why didn't the city council let the residents vote first before entering into a binding agreement with the developer? Attacking the press, attacking The Independent, attacking those who support the Central Park Plan does not resolve the issue.

The council's move to force the hotel on the east side does not resolve the issue either. The only way to resolve the downtown issue is to allow the direct vote of the people without council interference.

Stand up and speak up for your right to vote on this issue.