Ben Barrientos, Livermore 

I feel like a salmon swimming upstream with the City Council. I am persistent, and I do remember the vote I cast on the rendition of Downtown a few years ago. But the council members didn't like what we chose. Now folks who speak out are being castigated for their opposition.

I'd like to see poles put up with yellow tape on the sites of the proposed "boutique hotel" and the parking lot showing us how high the structure will be, with a big sign on the parking lot with the cost on it. 

Please look up the definition of a "boutique hotel". You will find that it is 10 to 100 rooms, not the 135 rooms that are in the plans. They will require a certain number of parking slots, which would be subsidized by us, the taxpayers.

I'd encourage you to look up "robotic parking" and the cost savings it would bring to the city. It will not take 2+ hours to retrieve your car (but) maybe a few minutes — probably less time than it would take you to remember where you parked and walked up to the correct level. The robotic parking would be a better use of the limited space we have and cheaper. 

Please use your mind eye and envision what is proposed for downtown.