Kaalee Brune, Livermore

Approximately four years ago, citizens were invited to a presentation at Beeves to see potential plans for the Old Lucky site.

We sat through 30-minute presentations by two developers that gave us two similar, but equally horrific, plans. Both had three to four buildings of condos or apartments looming over our charming First Street.

The citizens were very vocal in their disdain, and asked, “Where are the workshops we were promised? What about parking? What about open space?”

The city then came up with so-called workshops to ignore. There has been a series of meetings, city council meetings, and alternate proposals, etc.

The latest plan looks remarkably like the plans we distained in the first place. Yes, there is a lollypop of a park with no benches, trees or room for much. They traded some housing in a deal with the Stockmen’s to cut down the amount of housing. Those have promptly been added back in, even though they only need to have 85 low-income apartments.

The latest plan includes two- to three-bedroom apartments, is no longer set aside for low-income city workers, and yes, looms over our charming First Street. More parking will be needed. Their excuse is the developer needs more income from the project to be profitable.

Since when do we make plans just to suit the developers? Why don’t some of their buildings go north of Railroad Avenue on other city land? Our recent mayoral winner suggested that and then quickly dropped the idea as soon as he was elected.

Do we want our downtown to look like Dublin or (like) Pleasanton that has a park big enough to present free outdoor entertainment? We want open space and parking, not concrete canyons!