If the democratic process does not work at the local level, how can we expect it to function nationally? Three members of the current Livermore City Council effectively threw citizens under the bus after the extensive public outreach process by adopting a downtown plan that ignored the results. Thousands of people rose up against this action, first with a referendum, and then with an Initiative.

All five current council members placed the citizens’ initiative on the ballot for November 2020. They then undercut that initiative by going ahead with a development agreement for their eastside hotel knowing that, if unchallenged, the agreement would make the citizens’ initiative moot. Thousands of people had to rise up with a new referendum to stop this hotel agreement (Measure P) in order to save their Initiative.

Voting for Measure P would suggest to officials that citizens do not mind being thrown under the bus. As with national democratic process offenders, if they get away with it once, they are likely to do it again. Vote “No” on Measure P.