Anthony Beckett, Pleasanton

I wish I didn't need to pick just one thing the Democrats have screwed up since January. There are so many to choose from, but the economy is headed toward a big crisis and there are no adults in the room. While inflation continues to climb out of control, Joe Biden is trying to ram through a, in his words "free" $3.5 "infrastructure" bill. As part of the scheme, Janet Yellen is hiring 87,000 new IRS employees (aka auditors) to somehow audit their way into paying for it - a partisan boondoggle hilariously called the "Build Back Better" plan. When Obamacare was implemented, I was curious why they chose the IRS to enforce it. It seemed very odd. Then it sunk in: the IRS could take your money whether you liked it or not. This isn't about "making the rich pay their share," whatever that means. It doesn't take 87,000 auditors to do that. It's about invading the middle class with even more onerous government tax policies.

Weaponizing the IRS is something the Democrats have gotten very comfortable with. Obama used it to audit groups who opposed his policies (he even had the Quakers audited). What I see happening is not good in any way you look at it. The FBI is now looking at school board meetings for "terrorists". The IRS is going to be looking at literally every transaction you make. The NSA is already listening to all of your communications. Oppressive authoritarianism is at our door. Can it be stopped? Maybe. Vote them out. In the meantime, contact your representatives. And then vote in your best interests, because this government certainly isn't. I wish I had space to go into what the state is doing to us.