The Second Great Depression – highest unemployment since the 1930s, worst stock market loss since Oct. 29, 1929 – is the product of insanity, incompetence, and indifference.

President Donald Trump’s contradictory and delusional statements about the coronavirus bespeak his own mental illness. A competent administration would have started to organize a response to the impending pandemic following intelligence briefings in January and February.

This disease is extremely contagious; it spreads exponentially. If social distancing had started a week or two earlier, tens of thousands of American lives would have been saved.

The administration, indifferent to the international community that it could have led in meeting the global health crisis, turned its back on the World Health Organization and the world. Mr. Trump is indifferent not only to foreigners, but also to the disabled, the poor, and minorities disproportionately represented in America’s coronavirus death toll. The economic calamity is in proportion to the pandemic, which should have been mitigated.